A deep pool of experience

Our Investment Philosophy

Investment markets are a highly complex set of interactions across the global economy, focused down into asset prices. Our investing success comes from the ability to navigate this flow of financial information and the shifts in market preferences and animal spirits.

The long game
Achieving a superior investment outcome in the long term comes from finding the appropriate balance between a range of trade-offs that face investors.
Strong yet flexible
We maintain a strong conviction in our stock views and balance this with the flexibility to adjust to new information.
Optimistic and realistic
We seek out growth opportunities, but carefully assess the realistic chances of them being successful.
A balanced approach
We are structured and analytical in our approach, but balance this with intuition and insight.

Responsible investing

Evaluating sustainability related risks and opportunities are a key part of our investment process. Through our quantitative scoring system, we score each listed company to ensure we identify risks that could materialise within the portfolio from an environmental, social and governance perspective.

Long term performance is driven by a rigorously tested quantitative model, developed to harmoniously support specialist fundamental analysis, which is repeatably applied through our investment process.

Deeply diverse client base

We have a wide range of clients, including institutional investors and endowment funds, professional advisers and their clients, as well as sophisticated investors. We always aim to deliver on our performance objectives with the highest level of integrity, trust and transparency.

A team with in-depth experience

Our investment team has more than 60 years of joint experience managing Australian and Global equities. We draw on our long track record of managing equities and our experience across industry sectors, investment styles and asset markets to construct our portfolios.