A contemporary lens with a proven and balanced approach

Managers Views
July 20, 2019

Having managed Australian equities portfolios for many years on behalf of some very large institutional investors, as well as retail investors, we realised the need for a specialist firm that could solely dedicate itself to generating alpha over the long term by deploying a unique strategy, combining fundamental and quantitative company research. One that could also provide a solution to help lower correlation to equity markets by holding both long and short positions – in a risk controlled way. This has been our vision for some time and the formation of Sage Capital in June 2019.

Our team is highly skilled and credentialled in portfolio construction and management and is committed to the investment philosophy that underpins this strategy. As a team, we have been managing Australian equities in this style for many years and over many business cycles. We believe our experience and dedication to the disciplined management of Australian equities is even more important as financial markets and investment products evolve with increasing complexity.

We look forward to meeting our investors and providing further insight on our approach to managing equities portfolios.

Sean Fenton
Managing Director, Portfolio Manager