Webinar recording: Australian equities update and outlook for 2021

Market Insight
December 8, 2020

Portfolio Manager, Kelli Meagher and Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton provide insights into the two Sage Capital long short strategies and the outlook for Australian equities into 2021.

Topics covered include:

  1. Why long short? How investors should approach long short strategies and what to look for when assessing the merits of long short strategies within a portfolio.
  2. With equity markets making a rapid recovery despite the global economy struggling, what are the fundamentals actually telling us, will the rally last into 2021?
  3. Market themes for 2021 − how we are approaching the healthcare sector as a result of promising Covid-19 vaccine news, which out of favour cyclical stocks in 2020 will likely perform in 2021?
  4. Portfolio positioning and performance for Sage Capital's two long short strategies, the CC Sage Absolute Return Fund (market neutral) and the CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund (150/50 active extension).