Webinar recording: Capturing active returns in the 'new normal' market

Market Insight
April 29, 2021

Chief Investment Officer, Sean Fenton and Portfolio Manager, James Delaney discuss the Australian equities market, key themes that have taken shape since the COVID-19 outbreak over 12 months ago and how they have successfully positioned the two Sage Capital strategies to deal with style and cycle rotation.

Topics covered include:

  • Consumer spending – how has it shifted one year after the lockdown and has the market factored in these shifts?
  • The housing boom – how long can this continue?
  • The case for market neutral investing – does tilting towards certain styles (growth/value/quality) always reward investors? We think not, and we’ll explain why.
  • Portfolio positioning and performance for Sage Capital's long short strategies, the CC Sage Absolute Return Fund (market/neutral) and the CC Sage Capital Equity Plus Fund (150/50 active extension).